When The Rubber Hits The Road

It was a packed day of clients yesterday and during the course of my google+ chats, one theme became abundantly clear. What you do in your business and your life ultimately boils down to two choices. Yup, just two.

You can focus on what you want or, you can focus on what you don’t want.  Either way, you’re guaranteed to get it.

I know you’re busy but surely you have enough time to decide either way?

You can keep complaining about being overwhelmed or you can get in integrity with your calendar and get some A-level support.

Can’t afford it?  Not getting clients who will pay you what you’re worth?

Do you even know who you really want to work with?

Are you marketing yourself as a brand that will appeal to that specific audience?

Do you have a fee structure in place that supports the value of the brand and your long-term goals, not just for your business, but for your life.  Isn’t that why you’re an entrepreneur?  Because you wanted to live life on your terms?

Are doing what you say you’ll do?  Is your time organized around your priorities and values?  Are you using a roadmap that is going to take you where you actually want to go?

This is where the rubber meets the road.  You can keep pretending to be someone you’re not, less than the vision of who you say you want to be. Or you can start focusing on exactly what you want and take the steps – baby or otherwise – that will get you there.  The choice is yours.

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