When Things Go Very Wrong.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every decision you made, every change you experienced and absolutely everything else you ever did, was right? In other words, perfect, high-five, fantastic, ideal.Life would be a whole lot easier wouldn’t it?I’m not going to lie, the moment you realize you made a mistake, a bad choice, went in the wrong direction — to put it bluntly — SUCKS.Whether you allowed a less-than-ideal client to sneak it; didn’t make the room look quite as perfect as you wanted it to; or trusted the wrong person to support you; the feeling that something has gone wrong can throw you off your game.

You trusted your gut, your intuition, you were absolutely sure that this was the right thing to do and what did that get you?  It got you a big fat problem, aka a collection of things that suck.

The good news is that there is a solution.  It’s one that works even when you’re tired, overwhelmed and ready to give up.

Do something else.

Change your mind.

Make a new decision.

Look at it this way.  Now that you know what you don’t want, you’re one step closer to getting exactly what you do.

Even if you’ve made the same mistake before, obviously, you didn’t learn what you were supposed to the first time which is why this is happening again.  That seemingly bad decision, change or choice was actually just information, information that you can use to change course.

Because if you’re absolutely sure that you’re supposed to do, be or have something and that desire is coming from deep inside of you, often inexplicably, then trust that you are. Believe it or not but that thing that went wrong is actually trying to get you closer to doing, being and having.So on those days when you feel like you might as well give up, remember that what went wrong is trying to show you how you’re getting in your own way so that next time, you can get it right.

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