Hooky On Rodeo Drive

I was scheduled to go to Fall Market at the LDC yesterday but my cousins, who are on a cross-country road trip, arrived a day earlier so I made the executive decision to play hooky (family is important to me). Of course we ended up on Rodeo Drive and because my cousin’s husband is a Porsche aficionado, we stopped by their design boutique. The luxury brand Porsche Design, with its line of clothing, luggage, and timepieces, was founded by the iconic, sports car designer Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1972.

Every Brand Has A Story.

The sales associate told us the story of the reissued P’6530 Titanium Chronograph in the window — the timepiece that put the design company on the map in 1972. At the time, it was revolutionary because it was the first-ever all black watch and timepieces, considered jewelry, were usually made out of silver or gold.  But for Porsche who was most interested in function, the greatest possible detail was the white writing.

The new version is made of shot-blasted titanium but it seems that the old version wound up looking like two tones of black over time.  That’s because as the owner wore it, the color would rub off to a lighter shade.  This quirk turned it into a high-priced, collector’s item and a store legend.  None of the staff had seen the infamous two-toned watch.

That is until the day a European tourist came into the store and as the salesperson gave him the spiel, the man held up his wrist, pulled on his shirtsleeve and revealed that he was wearing one.  Apparently, he took if off so the store staff could pass it around.  Needless to say, my Porsche-connoisseur cousins couldn’t have been more thrilled with the story.

The Mistake Most Interior Designers Make.

So many interior designers make their most important brand story, price.  They talk about how they’re affordable, can save you money, or defend why design services are SO expensive.  They keep their visual story cheap using self-taken befores and afters and then they wonder why they’re attracting clients who want to save money, spend less or don’t get the value of the design process.The gal at Porsche engaged us with the history, legacy and value of the brand she represents without mentioning price at all.  She got us excited and gave us a memorable experience and even though we didn’t buy, she created brand evangelists. 

What about you?  Are you getting the kind of clients and budgets you say you want?   What’s the story of your brand?  Do you know how to communicate an emotional experience?

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