The Art Of Procrastination.

So let me cut straight to the chase. Here’s what you’re doing when you procrastinate: delaying your own good. Say it with me, I am delaying my own good.

Forget what Freud said about the pleasure principle and humans preferring to avoid negative emotions or to delay stressful tasks. Because the reality is that breaking your word to yourself and not doing the things you say you want to, is way — I mean way — more stressful than putting one foot in front of the other and getting sh*t done. Even if you’re terrified, I guarantee the other side of uncertainty, of the unknown is nothing compared to what you’re putting yourself through worrying about it.

Your Story Is Boring.

So what exactly are you getting out of that excuse you keep telling yourself? Because, yes, no matter how convoluted, or how many characters it involves (kids, hubbie, time, money), it is still an excuse.

Are you stubbornly doing what doesn’t work so you can be right?

Are you so invested in taking care of, or watching (and envying) other people’s lives from the sidelines, that you’ve forgotten how to live your own?

Must you do every single thing, yourself?

Is every story, a money story?

If time is that precious, why on earth would you be wasting it doing anything less than what you say it is you want to do?

Invest In Joy.

Remember every time you throw an obstacle in the way of going toward what you truly desire, you knock yourself out of alignment. By that I mean when you feel most like you, the core essence of your brand DNA. Chances are if your life is in chaos, if you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or like you’re treading water, it’s because you’re not aligned.

The fact that you desire something or want to achieve something, whether that’s design a boutique hotel or take a trip to Italy, is about you expressing yourself more fully in your life and business. So why are you denying yourself that experience? Why are you blocking that flow?

There is a way for you to get what you want, to live and be on your terms, but you can’t do that unless you start doing what you know to do, now.

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