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Harnessing The Power of Your Intellectual Property

One of the best ways for an interior designer to harness the power of their intellectual property can be found in a tiktok or instagram search. Dupe, the other four-letter word, means to trick or deceive but across the interwebs #dupe is a deal. Most often, it’s a copy of an original something—fashion, furniture, product—for […]

Why Your Design Firm’s Pipeline Isn’t Full

If you solely rely on random inquiries, this is the number one reason why your design firm’s pipeline isn’t full. One of the very practical things I do with my interior designer clients when we’re developing client fit is helping them learn how to improve their lead generation strategy. We spend a lot of the […]

Do One Scary Thing Per Day

I’ve been playing a game the last couple of weeks that would make Eleanor Roosevelt proud. It’s called, “Do One Scary Thing Per Day.”   Whether it’s sending an email, making a call, having a conversation, or doing something I’ve never done before, I’ve been challenging myself to make sure that each scary action is […]

Decisions. Decisions.

According to the internet, the average amount of remotely conscious decisions an adult makes every day equals about 35K. (That’s 226.7 daily decisions on just food alone!). Stick With It Developing the vision for your business requires your decision-making process to be hyper-conscious and consistent. Visions, ideas, projects, transactions, all have their own rhythm and […]

What To Do When You’re In Between

Boy age 13 Wishlist: gift cards to buy clothing for Foot Locker, Nike, and Old Navy, football, basketball, body wash, electric razor, remote control car That’s the wishlist of one of the boys in a family that my own family is supporting for Christmas this year. His list made me smile because he sounds like […]

Build A Loyalty Program With Email Marketing

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Your newsletter is the foundation of your loyalty program. When people who are a fit for the way you want to serve in the world subscribe to your list, they’re giving you permission to talk to them about the things that they’re interested in. They’re also […]

Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you think I have what it takes? It’s a question that some designers have asked me during that first call when we’re deciding whether we’re a good fit to collaborate. Me: Do YOU think you have what it takes? I’m not trying to be coy. Editors like what they like. Clients like what they […]

Are You Stressed?

Embodiment is one of the things we’re talking about in my new offering, Illuminate. For me, embodiment is a conversation about mind, body and wellbeing and the things that get in the way of achieving that synergy. The number one problem? Stress. Hans Selye, a pioneering Hungarian-Canadian endocrinologist and his research made the way we […]

Be A Creative Rebel

Perhaps it’s the creative rebel in me but I get fired up by marketers and “expert”s who tell me that everyone should be on instagram, tiktok, forget about lead generation, should charge flat fees or hourly only, or whatever piece of business advice is au courant. Are there best practices? You bet. ​ Do a […]

To Succeed or Not To Succeed

“Too many professionals try to protect themselves against failure, but never plan to exploit success!” ​I’m doing my daily lunch-time reading and that sentence by author Alan Weiss jumped off of the page. As a single mom, I’ve lately been wrapped up answering all of the “what if disaster strikes” scenarios demanded by insurance planners, […]

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