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Is It Time For An Audit?

Are you working at a pace that is making you numb to the consequences of your choices? Or worse are you unaware that the majority of your decisions are unconscious? Are you comfortable taking breaks during the day? Do you feel a strong sense of purpose at work? Are you in integrity with your calendar when it comes to keeping appointments with yourself? When you’re not in the performance zone, where do you spend your thoughts? Survival energy has been normalized in much of the culture of work but it is not sustaining.

Join A Visibility And Strategy Session!

I arrived home to a box from my publisher. Inside was a bottle of wine and a galley copy–my first–of my branding book Branding + Interior Design. As I’ve said before, this book wasn’t the book I originally started to write but it is the book it was supposed to be. It also represents the culmination of a lot of work, change, growth, and all that I’ve learned in supporting so many clients.

What Editors Want

One of the biggest complaints I hear from designers is that they got published and nothing happened. Well, what did you expect to happen? Because the fact of the matter is that the nature of running an interior design business means that you’re going to have to get published, again, and again and again for it to really matter, for it to start to pay off in a way that is meaningful to your bottom line.

The Hamster Wheel

When you’re on the hamster wheel, the vacuum is a fast-moving circle of sameness that can only be sustained for so long until something gives. And it probably won’t be you, not anymore, because you’re exhausted.

Join Me in London for Decorex

Decorex International is a trade show for interior design professionals. Events for the 2016 conference include keynote speakers, panels, and exhibitors. The conference will be September 18-21 in Syon Park, London. Designing Brands 2.0 will be held on September 20 at 1pm BST with book signings by Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Kim Kuhteubl immediately to follow.

Every Drop in the Bucket

As women, we are deeply affected by emotional stress and we easily remember the details of emotional events. Our brains are wired for heightened empathy and we can read the emotions of others simply by looking at their faces or interpreting their tone of voice. It’s why you’ll often hear women say, “I don’t like conflict.” Our brains are massively triggered by conflict, violence, brutality because it puts us at odds with our urge to stay connected, be in harmony with, to nurture and so we would rather defuse it. It is not instinctual for us to solve problems that way.

The Fastest Way to Level Up

I know. You’re convinced your branding problem is a nuts and bolts aesthetic issue and you just want to zhush your website and get a geek to tweak your SEO. It would be so much faster. So would buying an online ad or paying for advertorial in a magazine, right? (I’ll save my thoughts on those things for another post.) But is it a guarantee that oodles and oodles of clients will start beating a path to your door? For the sake of argument, and your resistance, let’s just say that they do.

Does Your Interior Design Firm Need Snapchat?

Think about it. Snapchat says its users are 13-34 which means ten years from now, the oldest user will be 44, smack in the middle of their highest income earning years. Although depending on what part of the country you live in, you might be a 28-year-old tech mogul with some cash, a new penthouse and not a whole lot of education when it comes to design right now.

I Heard You Were on TV…?

When it comes to doing business and doing life, we are schooled from a young age on the importance of other people’s opinions and perceptions. Many of us live in fear of negative feedback and reviews, staying silent in the face of mistruths so that we can avoid confrontation, not look like a bitch, be good, perfect, nice and all of those other things mostly women are taught to do.

The News I Can Finally Share

It’s official. As some of you already know, my first book Branding + Interior Design will be published by Schiffer Publishing this Fall. It’s been a long road and I’m excited that I will FINALLY get to share this book with you.

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